Fog Lamp Rim for CRETA(2020-onwards) (Set of 2 pcs)
  • - Attractive Design
  • - Installation process is super easy
  • - Best Adhesive Tape
  • - DIY Product
  • - Chrome
  • - Made In India

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Fog Lamp Rim for CRETA(2020-onwards) (Set of 2 pcs) 598
Our Fog Lamp Rim is made with the best material and proper thickness of Chrome plating. Because of that, your car gets a stunning and enhanced look. Our Chrome Fog Lamp Rim is specially made as per the model of the vehicle and very easy to install. Every Chrome Fog Lamp Rim comes with Double-sided adhesive tape that makes installation easier. You just have to take off tape cover and then simply put it on your car. The best thing is that you don't have to use any kind of screws or drilling to install this. Just clean the area to be applied be dry clear and no grease before installing Fog Lamp Rim.
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