Established back in 2001, PRIOR Auto Accessories is manufacturing car accessories and delivering it to all over India at the lowest rates. We don’t manufacture car accessories only for business but a dream of delivering reliable and quality products at an affordable budget.

Here at PRIOR Auto Accessories, you may find almost every car accessory of different brands under a single platform. Whether you are looking for the Car Door Handle Grab Cover or Door Visor/Rain Visor, we manufacturer all of these products. If you are looking for running(currently in demand) or brand newly launched car accessories then it’s also available here. Let’s take a closer look at all the products that we manufacture and distribute in every part of India.

List of Some Running Car Accessory Categories Manufactured By Us

Nowadays, car accessories are made using different materials like ABS Plastic, PolyCarbonate, Stainless Steel, and more. Our all products are manufactured using 100% premium quality goods that unlikely to see anywhere else. Here are all these products that you can purchase from our store anytime.

1. Catch Cover

Catch Cover or Door Handle Grab Cover is one of the most basic car accessories that every car owner needs. It gives additional charm to your door and also protects the door handle from scratches. We manufacture chrome plating catch cover of almost all running cars so you can make a purchase easily.

2. Finger Guard

If you are looking for a chrome finishing finger guard for your car then you are at the right place. We manufacture more than 25 cars finger guard and make it available under your budget.

3. Side Mirror Cover

Side Mirror Cover is another important accessory that prevents your car mirrors from scratches and is broken. We produce more than 100 different Chome Side Mirror Cover for different car models.

4. Tail & Lamp Head Moulding

Tail Lamp Moulding and Head Lamp Moulding are used to garnishing the car’s front and back lamp. Chrome finished moulding adds an extra shine to your car’s lamp and so does the whole body.

5. Front Grill Covers(Traditional)

When you take a look at the car’s front view, the most attractive part anyone finds front grill covers. It is one of the bigger dimension car accessories that clearly change the look of your car. We manufacture two different types of car front grill covers which are traditional and Bentley type.

6. Door Visors (Injection Moulded)

Door Visor is also known as a Car Wind Rain deflector that prevents dust and raindrops to enter into your car. By using our door visors you can enjoy the rainy weather or sunny weather without any disturbance. Our Door Visor is very compatible and durable that offers better protection compared to most of the door visors in the market.

Above are some of the most demanding product categories that purchase on a large scale by our distributors. Apart from these we also bonnet scoops, rear eye cat rims, license frames, bumper protectors, door guards, stepny covers, and more.

Distributors who want to be a part of our family and sell our products can drop a mail at [email protected]. We will try to reach you as soon as possible